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SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization and it is a very crucial part of internet marketing and off course, digital marketing. As a result of the strong wave of internet and World Wide Web discovery that sweeps across every part and section of human life, the internet became a place and scene for all sorts including a place for trade and business transactions. This reality and realization soon gained needed and required approval from everyone and businesses recognizes the internet and websites as another gateway or 24-hour shop where business transactions can be done. At the beginning, it was the creation of website that bears the company or business name and whatever the company or business offers.

Over years of this practices of every company and business opening and creating websites that will represent what they offer as services or selling of products, dynamism and improvement was developed and we arrive at what we call different practices and methods or techniques that makes a website optimized, rank higher on the search engine result page and also give better authority to website as well as create a good brand from services rendered.



With lots of websites created and designed for businesses in different part of the globe, there is bound to be people or businesses offering the same thing or selling the same product but the search engine websites that are majorly used such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and lots more have good algorithm that determines which works to place websites based on some different and various yardstick and variables. It is a common practices of internet users of different climes to go online and on Search engines to find information or look for things to buy.

When such internet users search, they are provided with a list of search engine result that offers something exactly on the keyword searched or related to it. It is a particular phenomenon that makes the website at the top be at the top and for other websites to be at the base of the page. This phenomenon is called Search Engine Optimization. It is an online and internet practice and technique to arrange and rearrange websites and blogs so as to be placed high and ranked top on the search engine result for keyword searches that is related to what that website offers or sells.

SEO is of On-Page and Off-Page types and all are geared towards ranking up any website, optimizing the website and giving it the needed reach, exposure and traffic for increased sales. This fact stands out to be true whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or any other part of the world and in Hong Kong, it remains a fact. In the course of this article, I will itemize and explain to details, the value and importance of Search Engine Optimization and why it is a must for every website or blog.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Increase Appearance, Impression and Exposure: Search Engine Optimization is a tool that is very effective in making any website and blog deliver on the goals of its creation and design. Every website is built to offer one thing or another and all the reasons will only be made possible through good SEO technique from the very best SEO agency in Hong Kong or in anywhere. The website or blog that is well ranked and optimized through SEO gets lots of appearance on the top of the search result page for searches conducted, gets good impression because internet users easily gets to see it often and all these will provide awareness and exposure needed for good traffic and sales.
  2. Organic Traffic: Search engine optimization techniques and methods guarantee a lot of very promising and benefits for every website owner or bloggers but very key among those benefits is the organic traffic. Traffic is the measure of how much internet users visits a website or blog at a particular time. Organic traffic is the visit of internet users that comes from search engine result pages. It is further explained as the visit to websites from users who clicked through the result pages displayed by search engine websites. Internet marketers and very experienced internet gurus all know that organic traffic is the best. That means by getting the best SEO firm in Hong Kong, your website will start getting tons of organic quality traffic.
  3. Boost Sales and Revenue: the basic goal of every business owner is to make money. Most websites and blogs online are built to make money while few are not for money. The way money and sales are made on websites are very diverse but it normally include selling products on ecommerce stores online, sell or offer services. It can only be by providing information on any niche and then attracting advertisement for money, it may also be for promotion of affiliate products. To achieve these goals and aspirations, the website, which serves as the online office or shop must be known and well exposed to clients or customers that are in need of the product or service or free information. The exposure is made possible through SEO. When you as a website owner hires best Hong Kong SEO, your website will climb up the ladder to get noticed at the top of the search engine websites.
  4. High Returns on Investment: because of the great visibility that websites and blogs that have been ranked get, it is very easy for anyone to get the best return on investment on whatever you spend on hiring SEO Hong Kong agency or firm to help rank and reposition your website. With lots of organic traffic, Increase in sales and income, there will be optimized ROI for the business owners. You get very high ROI on anything done to optimize your website or blog if done right and well.
  5. Competitiveness: Competition is a very key factor in business, it comes in various means and ways. Every business owner always look forward to how to make his or her business suffice and stay above all competitors. It is very interesting to know that as websites are being designed and created, it has created along it, a very strong and fierce competition among websites offering the same services or selling same products. Good enough, Search Engine Optimization is very effective in giving your website and your business altogether the needed vigor to stay ahead and above any form of competition online. When you rank and optimize your website above others by getting reputable and best SEO firm or agency in Hong Kong, you websites gets to be very dominating and therefore remain the first for the customers.6. Business Branding: The power that drives sales and give crazy edges in business is no other than brand name. Every business strife to get a good name from clients and customers because brand names perform magic. When a business becomes a brand name and a household name, it gets good sales without much sweat and effort. Apart from other factors that are important in making a brand out of any business, the use of SEO is very helpful. Brand names are names that are often heard or seen for lots of years and this gives us the believe that if your websites readily comes out top on every search engine website through good SEO technique, your business soon becomes a brand and people refer others to it for as regards what your website offers. This is a cogent reason and answer to the question of why you need SEO.
  6. Mobile Markets: it is becoming very clear, undisputed and basically factual that the market opportunities on mobile platforms are amazing. With the increase in use of smartphones all over the globe, it is a wise choice for every business owner to tap into it. Never enough to have your website designed to be accessed by mobile devices but your website can have an application to be installed on mobile gadgets. Creating an application for websites however cannot be done without the website first becoming a brand using the SEO methods.


Those are very good importance of SEO for any website and blog. These various importance and benefits of Search Engine Optimization is also very applicable to websites in a country or region. In Hong Kong for example, every website owner must have the website optimized and ranked highly for optimum performance and effectiveness. This SEO work and practices are done by good, reputable and best SEO Hong Kong firm, agency or company. They do it continuously because keeping the website at the top of search engine result pages may be harder than getting it to the top initially. Every SEO Hong Kong needs are well done at SEOHERO where specialized, very experienced and dedicated team of experts with the best knowledge of different SEO practices are located. Our result speaks volume about our efficiency, effectiveness and wonderful service and so are our happy and satisfied clients. Get on board today and change the fortune of your website and blog for good profitability.



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